Rides of the Rockies Ep 4 | Superlite SL-C




Listen to the roar of a twin-turbo V8 in the Rockies and learn all about this crazy build from the owner, Cam Thai.

Light Roast Ep 3 | 2019 Acura NSX-R




 Hear Terry and Jevan’s thoughts on the ins and outs of this controversial hybrid supercar as they take it for a drive.

Light Roast Ep 2 | 1979 911 SC Safari




Watch this rear-engined rally car cruise around Garden of the Gods and hear Steve and Terry’s thoughts on the car along the way.

Light Roast Ep 1 | 2020 Taycan Turbo S




Join us for the first episode of the “Light Roast” series. John from Porsche Colorado Springs tells us about the car before Steve and Terry take it for a drive

Rides of the Rockies Ep 3 | 1994 Honda Integra LS

Learn all about the story of this lightweight Japanese project car from owner and CC Admin, Ian Carr. 

Rides of the Rockies Ep 2 | Twin-Turbo GT350


Listen to the growl of 1000+ American horsepower and hear all about the car from the owner, Kaleb Crisp.

Rides of the Rockies Ep 1 | 1985 Ferrari 308 GTS


Watch as Mark Gomez, owner, explains the awesome story of his 308 and goes for a cruise in Daniel’s Park.